Categoria: Implantologia

Autores:Pinheiro L., Duarte F., Severino E., Leeson R., Hopper C.

Referência: Assessment of quality of life in a retrospective study of total oral rehabilitation of the upper jaw with transzygomatic fixation – Case series
Journal of Surgery, Periodontology and Implant Research | 2020; 2(1):27-37
ISSN: 2184-4232 (online version) e 2184-4208 (Printed Version)

Resumo: Purpose: Zygomatic implants are becoming more common in oral rehabilitation of atrophic maxilla. Successful surgery and rehabilitation are mandatory for the achievement of a well-defined criteria of Quality of Life. However, there is a paucity of studies reporting on the Health-Related Quality of Life in patients undergoing oral rehabilitation.

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