Categoria: Implantologia

Autores: Fernando Duarte, Carina Ramos and João Neves Silva

Referência: Unilateral Cleft Palate Rehabilitated with Zygomatic Implants – Case Report
SVOA Dentistry | 2021 – 2(4): 129-13
ISSN: 2753-9172

Purpose: Unilateral cleft lip and palate is a defect involving the lip, nose and maxilla. These structures are inter-related, and simultaneous early correction of all the aspects of the defect is necessary to obtain a satisfactory result that will be maintained with growth. There are few reports about oral rehabilitation with dental implants, in patients with this con-dition in the literature.
Material and Method: The presented case report describes the clinical and surgical management of a patient with uni-lateral alveolar cleft associated to severe posterior maxilla bone resorption. This patient was treated with 2 zygomatic implants (S.I.N.-Implant System, Sa o Paulo, Brazil) in the posterior maxilla and 4 standard axial implants in the anterior maxilla.
Results: The patient is on ten years of postoperative without complaints.
Conclusion: The high survival rate, the increase of patients’ demand in immediate functional ability and the less mor-bidity following the surgical procedure renders this zygomatic implant procedure a viable treatment option of the re-sorbed fully edentulous maxilla.

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