Categoria: Investigação

Autores: Fernando Duarte, João Neves Silva, Carina Ramos, Colin Hopper

Referência: Correlation between MRI and Biomodelling Analysis in Masseter Muscle Following Orthognathic Surgery
International Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health, Vol. 7, Issue. 7 August 2021

Resumo: Purpose: This pilot investigation was designed to apply several and innovative methods of measuring muscle area, volume, structure, function and fibre orientation to a situation where adaptation of muscle is pivotal to the success of a therapeutic approach.
Materials and Methods: Patients attending the combined orthodontic/orthognathic surgery clinic at Clitrofa – Centro Médico, Dentário e Cirúrgico, in Trofa – Portugal were screened using a standardized Magnetic Resonance Imaging protocol, with fine overlapping slices of 1 mm thickness and a spacing of 0.8 mm during 7 minutes. The software used was the AnatomicsTM that allows the correction of muscle and bone limits.

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