Categoria: Peri-Implantite

Autors: Duarte, Fernando Manuel Pinto1*, de Oliveira, Leonel Alves2*

Reference: Peri-Implantitis – Decontaminating and Regenerative Treatment Protocol
Preprints 2020, 202012597
10.20944/preprints202012.0597.v1 – December 23, 2020

Abstract: Peri-implant diseases are defined as pathological inflammatory reactions in the tissue surrounding the osseointegrated implants. They are classified into two categories: mucositis – defined as peri-implant soft tissue inflammation and peri-implantitis – bone loss in the peri-implant region. A clinical case of a 61-years-old woman with an implant in the 46 anatomical position and a 5-year follow-up is presented.


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