Categoria: Investigação

Autores: Fernando Duarte, João Neves Silva, Colin Hopper and Nigel Hunt

Referência: The importance of Occlusal Force Measurement in Orthognathic Surgery – A pilot study
Journal of Surgery, Periodontology and Implant Research | 2020; 2(1):13-26
ISSN: 2184-4232 (online version) e 2184-4208 (Printed Version)

Resumo: Purpose: This pilot investigation was designed to apply several, newly developed and more sophisticated methods of measuring muscle structure and function in a situation where adaptation of muscle is pivotal to the success of a therapeutic approach.
Materials and Methods: Patients attending the combined orthodontic/orthognathic surgery clinic at the Clitrofa – Centro Médico, Dentário e Cirúrgico, in Trofa – Portugal were tested according to the protocol of Bite force and occlusal contact area were simultaneously measured with Bite Training Machine and Occlusal Force Diagnostic System.

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