Categoria: Reconstrução Óssea

Autores: Fernando Duarte e Carina Ramos

Referência: Mandibular Dentigerous Cyst: Enucleation and Bone Reconstruction – Case Report
Journal of Surgery, Periodontology and Implant Research |2020; 2(1):58-62
ISSN: 2184-4232 (online version) e 2184-4208 (Printed Version)

Resumo: Purpose: The dentigerous cyst is the second most common odontogenic cyst in the jaws. These lesions are observed in routine examinations. The third molars and maxillary canines are the most affected teeth. Definition of marsupialization and enucleation techniques as well as consideration of important objective criteria for the treatment plan like cyst size, age, and proximity to anatomical structures, clinical importance of the tooth or teeth associated with the lesion and risk of bone fracture.
This paper will present a case report treated by maneuver of decompression followed by enucleation and bone reconstruction.

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