Categoria: Reconstrução Óssea

Autores: Fernando Duarte e Carina Ramos

Referência: Mandibular Dentigerous Cyst: Enucleation and Bone Reconstruction
Implants – The International Magazine of Oral Implantology | 2020 – 21(4):16-20
ISSN: 1868-3207

Resumo: The dentigerous or follicular cyst is the most common type of developmental odontogenic cyst and the second most common among all that occur in the jaws, representing about 20 % of all cysts.1, 2 By definition, a dentigerous cyst is attached to the tooth cervix (cementoenamel junction) and encloses the crown of the unerupted tooth.
It is a benign lesion associated with the odontogenic epithelium of the crown of an unerupted tooth and originates from the separation of the follicle around the crown of the tooth in question, forming a cavity bounded by the reduced enamel epithelium and the tooth enamel, which is filled with cystic fluid.3 As with other cysts, expansion of a dentigerous cyst is related to epithelial proliferation, release of bone-resorbing factors and an increase in cyst fluid osmolality.

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