Medical Team

Dr. Fernando Duarte

Dr. Fernando Duarte

Dentist Doctor
Specialist in Oral Surgery by OMD (Order of Dentists)
Postgraduate Degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the University College of London – Eastman Dental Institute – London – England (Full Time Program – 36 Months)
Master in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the University College of London – Eastman Dental Institute – London – England
Thesis: “A comparison of infective complications associated with the two techniques employed in miniplate osteosynthesis for fractures of the mandibular angle”
Master in Laser Dentistry from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli IRCCS – Rome – Italy
Thesis: “The effect of laser treatment on alveolar bone preservation and immediate implant placement – randomized controlled trial”
Master in Laser Dentistry by the Laser & Health Academy – Ljubljana – Slovenia
PhD student at the University College of London – London – England
Thesis: “Masseter muscle adaptation following orthognathic surgery”
Certificate in Rehabilitation with Zygomatic Implants by INEPO-National Institute of Dental Education and Research – S. Paulo – Brazil
Certificate in Advanced Oral Rehabilitation by INEPO-National Institute of Dental Education and Research – S. Paulo – Brazil
Member of the Editorial Board of the Journals: Scientific Archives of Dental Science (SAODS), Science Volks Dentistry (SVOA) and O JornalDentistry
69 Scientific Articles Published in National and International Indexed Journals + 31 Scientific Posters + 3 Chapters in Books
International Scientific Consultant S.I.N.-Implant System, MTD-MedTechDental, Curasan and NSK
Responsible for the Department of Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology at Clitrofa
Scientific Coordinator at Clitrofa Education Academy
Technical Manager of Clitrofa Dental Lab
Clitrofa Quality Manager
CEO and Clinical Director of Clitrofa – Trofa – Portugal

International Conferences in 29 Countries:
Austria (Vienna), Bolívia (Santa Cruz de la Sierra), Bulgaria (Sofia), Brazil (Campinas, Juiz de Fora, Rio de Janeiro, São José Dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Trancoso), China (Dalian, Guangzhou, Jinan, Nanjing, Kunming, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Xiamen), Cyprus (Nicosia),  Colombia (Cali), Croatia (Dubrovnik, Zagreb), Dominican Republic (Santiago de los Caballeros, Santo Domingo), Ecuador (Quito),  Egypt (Cairo), England (London), Germany (Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt), Greece (Athens), Italy (Brescia, Milan, Roma, Versilia), Luxembourg (Luxembourg City), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Northern Macedonia (Skopje), Paraguay (Asunción), Peru (Lima), Romania (Bucharest), Russia (Yalta, Vladivostok), Serbia (Belgrade), Slovenia (Portorož), Spain (Alicante, Badajoz, Barcelona, Cidade Real, Madrid, Malaga, León, Oviedo, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Seville),   Sweden (Gothenburg) Switzerland (Geneva) and Turkey (Antalya), United States of America (Las Vegas, Miami).

National Conferences in 30 Cities:
Abrantes, Almada, Braga, Carvalhos, Cascais, Charneca da Caparica, Chaves, Coimbra, Évora, Funchal, Gandra, Guimarães, Lagoa, Lisboa, Matosinhos, Oeiras, Paredes, Portimão, Porto, Póvoa do Lanhoso, Santa Comba Dão, Santa Maria da Feira, Santo Tirso, Sintra, Trofa, Vidago, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Vila Nova de Gaia, Vila Real e Viseu.

mail fduarte@clitrofa.com

Drª. Carina Ramos

Drª. Carina Ramos

Dentist Doctor
Master’s student in Orofacial Harmonization at the Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes – European Face & Body Institute – Valladolid – Spain
Master’s student in Oral Rehabilitation at CESPU – University Institute of Health Sciences – Gandra – Portugal (24 Month Program)
Post-Graduation in Management and Administration of Health Units by the University of Maia – Maia – Portugal (13 Months Program)
Master’s Degree in Conscious Sedation
Post-Graduation in Lenses, Veneers and Ceramic Laminates
Postgraduate Degree in Three-Dimensional Remodeling with Fill
Graduate in Digital Smile Design (DSD) – DSD Member
Member of the Editorial Board of the Magazine: O Jornal Dentistry
45 Scientific Articles Published in National and International Indexed Journals + 13 Scientific Posters
Responsible for the Department of Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation at Clitrofa

mail cramos@clitrofa.com

Dr. Nuno Carreira da Costa

Dr. Nuno Franchini

Dentist Doctor
Postgraduate in Orthodontics, Straight-Wire Technique, Roth, by the European Center of Orthodontics in Porto in 2002
Postgraduate Theoretical and Practical in Orthodontics, MBT Technique, by the Center for Orthodontic Studies in Porto, Guided by Prof. Dr. Hugo Trevisi, in 2007
Postgraduate Clinic in Orthodontics, Technician MBT and Damon, by Consolidate and Validate in Porto, Guided by Professor Reginaldo Trevisi in 2011
Invisalign Certification in 2013
Assistant Professor of the Postgraduate Course in Orthodontics at the Portuguese South Atlantic Institute (IPAS), between 2016 and 2018
Postgraduate in Implantology at ESORIB – Fernando Pessoa University in Porto in 2015
Partner of the Portuguese Society of Dento-Facial Orthopedics (SPODF)
Responsible for Orthodontics Consultation of Clitrofa


Drª. Raquel Gonçalves

Dentist Doctor
Postgraduate in Endodontics by ISCS-N
 Invited Assistant at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Porto
 Responsible for Dentistry / Endodontics consulting

mail raquel.goncalves@clitrofa.com

Drª. Andrea Pestana

Dentist Doctor
Master’s student in Oral Rehabilitation at CESPU – Instituto Universitário de Ciências da Saúde – Gandra – Portugal (24 Month Program)
Responsible for Dentistry / Oral Rehabilitation Consultation

mail andrea.pestana@clitrofa.com

Dr. Nuno Alegre Pereira

Anesthesiology Specialist
Degree in Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon – Portugal (2008)
Specific Training of the Medical Internship in Anesthesiology at the Vila Nova de Gaia / Espinho Hospital Center (2014)
Master in Chronic Pain Treatment from the University of Seville (2017)
Head of Clitrofa Anesthesiology Consultation
Head of Clitrofa Chronic Pain Consultation
Technical Manager of Clitrofa Outpatient Surgical Unit

Dr. Gustavo Coelho

 Medical Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
 Degree in Medicine at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Portugal
 Specific Training of the Medical Internship in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in the Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive, Cranio-Maxillofacial and Microsurgery Unit of the Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho and Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Burned Unit of the Hospital da Prelada.
 Member of the Portuguese Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
 Reviewer of the international journal “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”
 Responsible for the Consultation on Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of Clitrofa

Drª. Paula Ramôa

​​Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of Porto
Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and a Bachelor’s degree in molecular oncobiology from the Faculty of Medicine of Porto
Gynecology/Obstetrics Hospital Assistant at Júlio Dinis maternity until 2007
Founder and responsible for the Outpatient Surgery Unit at Maternidade de Júlio Dinis until 2007
Coordinator of the Department of Gynecological Endoscopy at Hospital Lusíadas, Porto
Founder and coordinator of the Laser Unit in Gynecological Pathology at Hospital Lusíadas, Porto
Specialist in minimally invasive surgery in the treatment of gynecological diseases
Specialist in the areas of Endometriosis and Pelvic Floor Disorders – Diagnosis and Treatment
Specialist and pioneer in the non-invasive treatment of Uterine Fibroids with Radiofrequency
Responsible for the Genital Aesthetic Medicine and Gynecology consultation at Clitrofa
Responsible for the consultation of Diagnosis and Treatment of Uterine Fibroids of Clitrofa

Areas of Interest:
Regenerative, aesthetic and functional medicine of the lower genital tract
Vulvar cosmetic surgery
Laser in the treatment of functional pathologies of the lower genital tract, namely postmenopausal vulvovaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence, prolapses, postpartum pelvic relaxation and lichen sclerosus
Pelvic Floor Disorders
Diagnosis and treatment of uterine fibroids

Drª. Amélia de Almeida

​​Degree in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon
Specialist in Gynecology/Obstetrics
Responsible for the Gynecology, Sexology and Genital Aesthetics consultation at Clitrofa

Areas of Interest
Minimally invasive surgery in the treatment of gynecological diseases (endoscopic surgery and vaginal surgery)
Vulvo-cervico-vaginal pathology
Pelvic floor disorders
Genito-urinary menopause syndrome (GMS) treatment with laser

Drª. Alexandra Mesquita

 General Medical Clinic

Office Assistants

Joana Ribeirinha
Joana Ribeirinha

 Office Assistant
 Responsible for Oral Medicine and Oral Rehabilitation Consulting

Sandra Azevedo
Sandra Azevedo

 Office Assistant
 Responsible for Dentistry and Endodontics Consulting

Sandra Azevedo

Carolina Ferreira

 Office Assistant
Responsible for Endodontics Consulting

Nursing Team

Nurse Cátia Ramos
Nurse Cátia Ramos

 Instrumentist nurse
 Responsible for Nursing apointments and Clinical Analysis of Clitrofa
 Responsible for Nursing Consultation to Domicile and Conscious Sedation of Clitrofa
 Coordinator of Operative Blocks Clitrofa
 Responsible for Quality
Postgraduate Diploma in Anesthesiology

Mail catia.ramos@clitrofa.com

Nurse Ana Dias
Nurse Ana Dias

 Circulating nurse
 Responsible for apointments of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
 Responsible for apointments of Implantology
 Nursing apointments and Clinical Analysis of Clitrofa
 Nursing Consultation to Domicile of Clitrofa

Mail ana.dias@clitrofa.com

Enf. Ana Dias

Nurse Simão Silva

Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing
 Postgraduate in Advanced Nursing from Catholic University
 Master in Medical-Surgical Nursing, Catholic University

Ivone Ganso

Drª. Joana Magalhães

Responsible for the Pharmaceutical Service of Clitrofa




Ivone Ganso
Drª. Ivone Ganso

 Degree in Psychology
 Postgraduate in cognitive-behavioral intervention
 Specialist in clinical psychology and neuroscience

mail ivone.ganso@clitrofa.com

Speech Therapist

Ivone Ganso

Drª. Ana Catarina Gaspar

Speech Therapist
Degree in Speech Therapy from the Porto School of Health Technology
Master in Special Education in Early Educational Intervention at the Institute of Child Studies, University of Minho
 Doctoral student in Child Studies in the Special Education specialty at the same University
Member of several national and international scientific associations and has published several works in his research area
Responsible for Clitrofa Speech Therapy consultation

mail ana.gaspar@clitrofa.com

Ivone Ganso

Drª. Raquel Machado

Speech therapist
Licensed by the Instituto Superior de Saúde do Alto Ave
Attends Advanced Specialization in Communication, Language and Speech Disorders: Theoretical Bases, Assessment and Intervention
Postgraduate in Oropharyngeal Dysphagia
Postgraduate in Developmental Disorders from Early Childhood to Adolescence: Assessment and Intervention
Postgraduate in Oral and Facial Motor Therapeutic Intervention
Experience with children and adolescents in the following intervention areas: communication, language, speech, reading and writing, voice, dysfluency, orofacial motricity and swallowing
Responsible for the Clitropha Speech Therapy consultation

mail raquel.machado@clitrofa.com

Administrative Team

André Lima

André Lima

 Director of Communications and Marketing
 Responsible for Informatic Department
 Responsible for Advertising and Audiovisual Department

Mail andre.lima@clitrofa.com

Liliana Magalhães

Liliana Magalhães


Mail liliana.magalhaes@clitrofa.com

Drª. Rosa Emília
Drª. Rosa Emília

 Responsible for Finance Department

Mail rosa.assis@clitrofa.com

Medical Intervention Auxiliary

Márcia Costa

Márcia Costa

 Medical Intervention Auxiliary

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