Clitrofa was founded on September 16, 2002, by Drº Fernando Duarte and Drª Carina Ramos. A project that started with about 400 m2, two offices of Dentistry, a small block for outpatient surgery and a clinic for Clinical Analysis and Nursing, with the consultation of Psychology.

In 2013, Clitrofa expanded, currently covering an area of ​​3600 m2, it is divided into four intervention areas: Clitrofa Clínica, Clitrofa Surgical Unit, Clitrofa Dental Lab and Clitrofa Education Academy. This project appears as an integral option for patients who want medical treatments in the field of aesthetics and rehabilitation in oral, facial and body terms. It thus becomes an innovative project with the creation of a unique vision, the implementation of the concept of Clitrofa – Hospital Médico-Dentário.

Clinical Clitrofa
Originally devoted to dental medicine in its most surgical and rehabilitative aspect, it now embarks on a new, more comprehensive environment. The clinic ceases to focus solely on dental and facial aesthetics as it has hitherto, and starts to encompass body aesthetics, incorporating the values ​​of Nutrition, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, General and Family Medicine and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery , continuing to maintain the skills of Nursing, Clinical Analysis and Psychology with which it started its activity.

Clitrofa Surgical Unit
Construction of two operating rooms (one for general anesthesia and the other for local anesthesia and sedation), a recovery room with capacity for 6 patients and a Post-Anesthetic Care Unit for 2 patients, which allowed an increase in the response capacity in this area.

Clitrofa Dental Lab
With the capacity to perform all types of dental prostheses (acrylic, metal and ceramic), based on a fully digital flow and CAD-CAM. It was built with the objectives of achieving maximum dental esthetics aiming at mimicking dental naturalness as well as speeding up the completion of oral rehabilitation works for Clitrofa Clínica patients. With the currently patented quality, we have become prosthetic suppliers to other clinics in the geographic areas of: Porto, Trofa, Braga, Maia and Guimarães.

Clitrofa Education Academy
A collaboration, technological development and training protocol was signed with the multinational S.I.N. – Implant System, based in S. Paulo – Brazil. The training plan includes courses and events for the entire national territory and Europe, and in a specific type of implants (Zygomatic Implant) Dr. Fernando Duarte is the international reference of the brand, having been a pioneer in Portugal and has accumulated experience 20 years. The Clitrofa Education Academy offers courses and clinical residences for other health professionals (dentists, dental assistants and dental technicians) in order to share and improve work protocols. Clitrofa thus constitutes a modern and efficient concept of providing health services, in a holistic and multidisciplinary way, which meets the needs of patients.

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