Clitrofa’s vision is to be a reference operator in the provision of healthcare and training, as providers of high competence, rigor and professionalism, in which the service is characterized by excellence and centered on clients / patients.


Provide health care and services in the Medical, Medical-Dental, Rehabilitation, Surgical and Aesthetic areas, with absolute respect for the individuality and needs of patients, and based on principles of effectiveness, quality and efficiency!
Contribute to the development of research and training of professionals in their various areas of activity.


Clitrofa, in the development of its activity, is governed by the following principles and values:

  1. Personalization and Humanization of Care – concern for the patient’s need in a vision centered on each person, as a unique and singular being. Guarantee of respect for human dignity, namely with regard to the patients’ right to privacy, the confidentiality of clinical information, the preservation of their identity, non-discrimination and the complete clarification of patients about their health situation, so that they can decide freely and consciously on the achievement of what is proposed;
  2. Assistance Ethics – observance of ethical and deontological values ​​that frame the exercise of the activity of different professional groups;
  3. Quality and Efficiency – articulates the objective of a high level of quality and technical rationality with the promotion of economic rationality and efficiency;
  4. Family Involvement – facilitates, encourages and supports family participation, a determining element of the humanized relationship, in the definition and development of the individual patient care plan;
  5. Rigor and Transparency – rigorous and transparent relationship with all interlocutors, thus consolidating institutional credibility;
  6. Responsibility and Hierarchization – promoting a culture of accountability, committing managers, health professionals and other employees who perform functions at Clitrofa in the sense of scrupulous compliance with the defined rules, rules and procedures;
  7. Multidisciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity – teamwork as a fundamental pillar for the continuous improvement of quality and obtaining health gains.
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