Clinical Residencies

Clinical Residencies

In a changing world where scientific research and development of techniques occupies a decisive position, ongoing training throughout the professional activity and the principle of specialization seem to be the best strategy to achieve success in professional careers.

Clitrofa, intends to occupy a prominent place in the training and serve as a bond to clinical structures. Presents itself today with the availability of a set of means and resources, human and technical, which provides quality assurance odd formation.

– Understanding the possibilities of treatment in partial and total edentulous patients
– Achieve the knowledge of surgical and prosthetic techniques applied in Implantology
– Implementation of  Implantology in clinical activity

Addressees / Type of Residence:
Level 1 – Introductory: Dentists / Stomatologists without experience in implants (2 Days)
Level 2 – Intermediate: Dentists / Stomatologists with low experience in implants (2 Days)
Level 3 – Advanced: Dentists / Stomatologists with experience in implants (2 Days)

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