Category:  Implantology

Autors: Duarte F., Ramos C.

Reference: DentalPro 2011; 35(2):58-66
ISSN: 1646-9968

Abstract: The rehabilitation of the severely atrophied edentulous maxilla, poses a great challenge to surgeons and prosthodontics that work on this particular area. The classic approach implies bone augmentation techniques by means of bone grafting, bone distraction techniques and others. All of these require major surgery, sometimes associated with morbidity at donor and receptor sites and functional rehabilitation of the patient must occur in two surgical stages.
Since the development of the zygoma implants by Per-Ingvar Brånemark, there’s an alternative to bone grafting techniques, using the body of the zygomatic bone as major point of anchorage to a intraoral osteointegrated implant. This procedure allows the patient to regain orofacial function in only one surgical stage, with high predictability, less morbidity, time spend and costs.
The presented cases describe the clinical and surgical management of patients using zygoma implants as rehabilitation alternative.


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