Category: Implantology

Autors: Duarte F., Ramos C., Oliveira R.

Reference: STOMA 2004; 71:4-11
ISSN: 0870-4287

Abstract: An osseointegrated implant can be advantageous for dental reconstruction and masticatory rehabilitation. For treatment of the severely resorbed maxilla, implants have been used in combination with sinus augmentation or onlay bone grafting. Recently, zygomatic implants designed by Nobel Biocare® (Göteborg, Sweden) have been used for treatment of severely resorbed maxillae. If a zygomatic implant is used, onlay bone grafting or sinus augmentation may not be necessary when there is still sufficient anterior bone volume for the placement of standard implants and the alveolar ridge crest in the posterior region is severely resorbed. In the situation in which an anterior onlay bone graft is required, extension of the graft into the posterior region can be reduced.
The zygomatic implant can be placed from the alveolar crest and pass through the maxillary sinus close to the crest of the zygomatic bone. Thus, preoperative and postoperative evaluation of the maxillary sinus is important. In many cases, the zygomatic implant platform is located palatal to the alveolar ridge.


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