Category: Oral Medicine

Autors: Duarte F., Ramos C.

Reference: Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry (Ed. Port.) 2007; 1(4):41-44

Abstract: The globulomaxillary’s cyst has been founded exclusively in the maxillary region, into the maxillary bone, at the junction of globular portion of median nasal process with the maxillary process – the globulomaxillary fissure – generally between the upper lateral incisor and the canine. It has the inverted pear shape, radiotransparency and enclosed by a radiopaque line. Contiguous tooth have vital pulp unless they are infected. This case report refers to two male patients, with 38 and 49 years old respectively, that present to our clinic. Both patients were submitted to general anaesthesia to quistectomy with anatomopathological examination. The anatomopathological examination result confirmed the morphologic aspects of cyst in the globulomaxillary region, probably a residual cyst.


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