Category: Oral Surgery

Autors: Duarte F., Salgado A., Fernandes J.

Reference: Rev Port Estomat Med Dent Cirurg Maxilofac 2003; 44(3):145-149
ISSN: 1646-2890

Abstract: Eagle syndrome is a rare entity, defined as an ossification of the styloid process, which is not commonly suspected in clinical practice. Symptoms were dull and persistent pharyngeal pain, dysphagia, and facial pain.
In addition to careful clinical examination, the use of plain radiographs, orthopantomograms or computer tomography scan has allowed accurate preoperative diagnosis of this syndrome. Surgical treatment has positively resolved the symptoms in the majority of the cases.


Supernumerary Teeth

Supernumerary teeth (or hyperdontia), though relatively rare, may be the cause of several dental and oclusal disturbs, mainly in the permanent dentition…

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