Nursing Team

Nurse Cátia Ramos
Nurse Cátia Ramos

 Instrumentist nurse
 Responsible for Nursing apointments and Clinical Analysis of Clitrofa
 Responsible for Nursing Consultation to Domicile and Conscious Sedation of Clitrofa
 Coordinator of Operative Blocks Clitrofa
 Responsible for Quality
Postgraduate Diploma in Anesthesiology

Mail catia.ramos@clitrofa.com

Nurse Ana Dias
Nurse Ana Dias

 Circulating nurse
 Responsible for apointments of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
 Responsible for apointments of Implantology
 Nursing apointments and Clinical Analysis of Clitrofa
 Nursing Consultation to Domicile of Clitrofa

Mail ana.dias@clitrofa.com

Enf. Ana Dias

Nurse Simão Silva

Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing
 Postgraduate in Advanced Nursing from Catholic University
 Master in Medical-Surgical Nursing, Catholic University

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